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YB31 Western-style roofing tile molding machine

Product Category: Siva Forming Hydraulic Press Series

This series adopts the structure of three eams and four columns. and the para lelism between the workbenches is higher so it is especialy suitabie forpresing and molding the products with high precision reuirement, for example. the molding of products in industries such as haraware. gold omamentsglasses, grinding wheels, electrical appliances, embossing, modelduplication, metal plates, watchbands (shell and bottom),plastics and rubbers, etc.According to the customers reuirements, we can also produce a eries of hydraulic presses with pressure-maintaining and discharging devices, which canbe used tor heating, shaping and automatic stripping of processed proucts in the industries such as grinding wheels, watchcases, meta plates. plastics andrubbers, etc. Besides, we can produce the automatic vulcanizers with primary and secondary air release devices.



It is mainly suitable for all kinds of roofing tile series such as wester-style tile, Chinese-style tile glazed tilel), Japanese-tyle tile, etc. which are formed bressing witn wet blank mud mold, his senes has been optimized and imnovated many times, and has the charactenstics ot high working eficiency,ovenergy consumption, easy operation, stable performance, and high safety.



1. The pressure and stroke can be adjusted according to the pressing process.
2. With the functions of feeding and discharging, automatic material input, and high productionefficiency.
3. The oil tank adopts fully sealed design, with strong anti-pollution ability and longer service life.
4. lt is suitable for single-and double-station mold operation.
5. Using PLC control system.





YB31 Western-style roofing tile molding machine

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