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YB28 Four column double action hydraulic press series

Product Category: Four-column double-action hydraulic press series

This series adopts the structure of three eams and four columns. and the para lelism between the workbenches is higher so it is especialy suitabie forpresing and molding the products with high precision reuirement, for example. the molding of products in industries such as haraware. gold omamentsglasses, grinding wheels, electrical appliances, embossing, modelduplication, metal plates, watchbands (shell and bottom),plastics and rubbers, etc.According to the customers reuirements, we can also produce a eries of hydraulic presses with pressure-maintaining and discharging devices, which canbe used tor heating, shaping and automatic stripping of processed proucts in the industries such as grinding wheels, watchcases, meta plates. plastics andrubbers, etc. Besides, we can produce the automatic vulcanizers with primary and secondary air release devices.


This machine is a hydraulic press specially manufactured by the Companyfor the manufacturers of aluminum products and stainless steel products, especialysuitable for the stretching of aluminum sheet and the pressing and molding of aluminum products and stainless steel products.YB28 series four-column double-action hydraulic press is designed and manufactured based on the improvement of the original YB32 series. Compared withYB32 series. it has the following characteristics bevond the original technical performance:

1. Compared with the same-tonnage machine, the oil cylinder stroke is longer and the workbench is larger.

2. The no-load moving speed is higher.

3. It has two stretching speeds: rapid stretching and normal stretching.

4. The whole machine runs more smoothly with more stable performance.




YB28 Four column double action hydraulic press series

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