Foshan hydraulic press manufacturers "Chengda hydraulic" how much do you know?

Times: 2020-05-25

Foshan "Chengda Hydraulic" was established in 1992, mainly produces steel wire winding hydraulic presses, four column hydraulic presses, tile forming hydraulic presses and frame hydraulic presses, with tonnage ranging from 10 tons to 5000 tons. At the same time, we can also design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard hydraulic presses according to customers' special needs.

Basic Information

YB31-SE series

The role of servo hydraulic press is quite a lot, now there are more consumers for the servo-driven four-column hydraulic press is more recognition, and now the production and production technology is more towards the mature. In addition, its pressure, speed programmable control, to meet the needs of various processes. This machine adopts three beams and four columns structure, the parallelism between the working table is higher, especially suitable for the products with high precision requirements for pressing and forming. Suitable for: hardware, gold ornaments, glasses, grinding wheels, electrical appliances, embossing, lamination, metal plates, watch straps (shell, bottom) plastic rubber and other industry products molding with. In addition, according to customer requirements, we can produce pressure-holding type and withdrawal device series hydraulic presses, which can be used for heating, shaping and automatic demoulding of processed products in grinding wheel, case, metal plate, plastic and rubber industries, etc. We can also produce automatic vulcanizing presses with primary to secondary air release device.

Comparison of conventional hydraulic (oil) presses and servo drives:

High repetition accuracy ±0.01mm.

The new YB31-SE system servo energy-saving hydraulic press, using advanced servo drive system and the company's many years of professional experience since the hydraulic press industry, compared with the traditional hydraulic press, energy saving up to 20 ~ 50%.

Servo drive system to meet the requirements of the speed pressure change without using the process, and good smoothness of movement and lower noise.

The production efficiency is greatly improved, and the servo drive is used to effectively improve the running speed, and the production efficiency is improved by about 35% compared with the traditional motor CNC hydraulic press.

Oil temperature is lower.

Hydraulic press manufacturers introduce hydraulic press knowledge

The four-column hydraulic press is a three-beam and four-column structure, which has good stability performance. The tonnage is also from ten tons to five thousand tons, this can also be customized to the specific situation of the user, the hydraulic press equipment covers an area of small, but the height is relatively higher than according to the high,. If the foundation is not very stable then it will affect the performance of the equipment. Hydraulic manufacturers in the production of the usual two types, a kind of pressure on the type and a double-sided pressurized. But we should also note that the embedded parts should also be connected as far as possible, after the arrival of the equipment should also be welded to the embedded parts, and then fixed hydraulic machine with foot bolts, after fixing the hydraulic machine host, but also the pump control and other auxiliary machinery placed on the ground, the floor should also be processed, all for safety reasons.