Three-beam and four-column hydraulic press

Times: 2020-01-09

Three-beam and four-column hydraulic press

Name: 200 tons three-beam four-column hydraulic press, Foshan three-beam hydraulic press manufacturers

Brand:Chengda Hydraulic



The three-beam and four-column hydraulic presses are widely used in hardware, gold ornaments, glasses, grinding wheels, electrical appliances, embossing, lamination, metal plates, strap (case, bottom) plastic rubber and other industries for molding products. In addition, we can produce pressure-holding type and withdrawal device series hydraulic presses according to customers' requirements, which can be used for heating, shaping and automatic demoulding of processed products in grinding wheel, case, metal plate, plastic and rubber industries, etc. We can also produce automatic vulcanizing presses with primary and secondary air release devices.


The body of three-beam and four-column hydraulic press adopts three-beam and four-column structure: it consists of upper beam, slider, working table, column, main cylinder, hydraulic power system and electrical system. The upper beam, slider and working table are welded with high quality steel plates, which are treated by vibration aging to eliminate internal stress.


1、The sealing ring of the lower cylinder adopts imported combination ring, which can be used for more than fifteen years without replacement.

2、The hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve, cartridge valve channel, large flow, fast speed, low noise, low heat.

3、The electrical control is changed to microcomputer type microcontroller, the advantage of the system is the safety control voltage of 24V, there is no intermediate relay, no contact inside, the whole computer chip has high stability, long service life and simple operation.

4、Large range of grating safety protection device.

5、The main cylinder and crimping cylinder have upper and lower limit protection, upper and lower limit range protection, upper and lower limit range position setting is simple, convenient and fast.

6、Safety protection device, automatic counting function. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, novel machine model.


Optional accessories: punching load punching device, express stroke in the liquid device, light curtain safety protection device, cooling device, PLC touch screen control shunt.

Hydraulic system: the variable pump oil supply system, the use of large flow rate centralized control valve block, the oil intake in the pump with oil suction filter to prevent impurities into the hydraulic system, to ensure the normal operation of the oil circuit. The system has oil temperature, oil level display, air selection and other devices, the oil tank is a welded steel plate structure, with a cleaning window, the bottom is equipped with put by and drainage screw plug

Electrical system: control box, control the operation of the whole machine

Operating system: There are three operation modes: manual and automatic, and two process forms: constant range and constant pressure.

200T three-beam and four-column hydraulic press