1500 tons frame hydraulic press brand

Times: 2019-12-27

1500 tons frame hydraulic press brand


Name: 1500 tons frame hydraulic press, vertical hydraulic press, frame hydraulic press, frame hydraulic press

Brand: Chengda Hydraulic

Model: YB-1500A frame hydraulic press

Basic information

Frame hydraulic press, the appearance of the hydraulic press is "frame type". It is a kind of machinery that makes the hydraulic oil circulate in the oil tank through the one-way valve to make the cylinder and piston do the work so as to complete certain mechanical action as a kind of productivity.


The frame hydraulic press is suitable for: hardware, gold ornaments, glasses, grinding wheels, electrical appliances, embossing, lamination, metal plates, watch straps (shell, bottom) plastic rubber and other industry products molding. Another series of hydraulic presses can be produced according to customers' requirements, such as pressure-holding type and releasing device, which are suitable for heating, shaping and automatic demoulding of processed products in the industries of grinding wheel, case, metal plate, plastic and rubber, etc. Automatic vulcanizing presses can also be produced with primary to secondary deflating device.


(1) The frame type frame has good overall rigidity and high compressive strength, and the pressure, stroke and pressure-holding can be adjusted according to the requirements of pressing process.

(2) Different derivatives such as lower top material, upper top material and upper and lower compound top material or shallow drawing depth are available to meet the needs of various pressing and forming processes.

(3) The press starts quickly after the mold is closed, and it only takes a few seconds to reach the rated pressure.

(4) Adopt the lower type oil tank, easy to change and clean the oil tank.

(5) Stable quality and reliable performance in mass production.

(6) The electrical control is changed to microcomputer type microcontroller, the advantages of this system are 24 V safety control voltage, no intermediate relay and no contact inside, full computer chip stability, long service life, simple operation and large range of grating safety protection device.

Hydraulic machine noise solutions

First, the pump's suction pipe joint should be sealed tightly to prevent air inhalation.

Second, to prevent the hydraulic valve cavitation phenomenon, the main do to make the pump suction resistance as small as possible. Common measures include the use of larger diameter suction pipe, large capacity suction filter, while avoiding blockage, the pump suction height should be as small as possible.

Third, the pressure pulsation in the pipeline is the main cause of vibration and noise in the system. In the hydraulic circuit set accumulator, can effectively absorb vibration, and in the occurrence of vibration near the site set vibration damper also effectively reduce system vibration.

Fourth, for the main vibration in the hydraulic system (pump, motor), often using the addition of rubber pads or springs and other measures to isolate it from the floor can also be used to install the source of vibration in the floor and the whole system isolation approach, these have played a good effect of vibration and noise reduction.

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