3000 tons steel wire winding hydraulic press brand

Times: 2019-12-26

3000 tons steel wire winding hydraulic press brand


Name: 3000 tons of steel wire winding servo-hydraulic (oil) press, steel wire winding machine.

Brand: Chengda hydraulic

Model: YRK-3000BSE steel wire winding hydraulic press

Basic information

3000 tons steel wire winding servo hydraulic press is manufactured by Guangdong Hydraulic Press Factory "Chengda Hydraulic" brand. This series of products are made of steel wire winding, good rigidity, stable quality, mainly used for titanium plate, stainless steel plate and other large thin shell type plate forming pressing molding, also can be used for large coverings of pressing molding. It has counting display device, pressure-holding time setting device, etc. It has stable working performance, good pressure-holding performance, accurate time delay and high degree of automation, which is the more advanced pressing and forming equipment for heat exchanger plates and thin plates in China.


3000 ton steel wire winding servo hydraulic press is suitable for hardware, gold ornaments, embossing, re-molding, clocks and watches, kitchenware pot making, especially for imitation die-casting aluminum pot extrusion thinning forming process.


(1) Servo precise control system.

(2) Fast speed, slow conversion pressure conversion, high efficiency.

(3) high precision, fast start high pressure, stable.

(4) Long distance photoelectric protection device.

(5) Hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve, cartridge valve channel is large, high flow, fast, low noise, low heat generation.

Hydraulic press how to prevent oil pollution

General hydraulic machine filter in operation, the surface of the filter element will gradually scale constitutes blockage, filter blockage, will constitute a pump suction bad, noise, the system can not suck in to meet the oil and the pressure does not go up, present a large number of bubbles and filter element due to blockage and may be the press positively constitutes a breakdown, etc..

Hydraulic machine filter blockage should be cleaned in time, the method is as follows:

1. Cleaning with solvent: commonly used solvents are trichloroethylene, paint thinner, toluene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, etc. These solvents are easy to catch fire and have a certain degree of toxicity, cleaning should also pay attention to. Can also be used in the meticulous pot, meticulous bait and other alkaline solutions, surfactants and electrolytic degreasing cleaning, etc., in the wash need to use water washing and other methods to quickly eradicate the solvent.

2、Cleaning by mechanical and physical means:

(1) sweeping with brushes: with the use of soft brushes to remove the dust and dirt of the cartridge, too hard steel wire will damage the net type, line gap type cartridge, so that the sintered cartridge sintered particles brush off, and this method is not used for paper filters.

(2) ultrasonic cleaning: ultrasonic effect in the cleaning fluid Zhong, the dust and dirt on the cartridge will be removed, but the cartridge is porous material, has the nature of absorbing ultrasonic waves, may affect the cleaning effect.

(3) Blowing with compressed air: Blowing out the accumulated scale with compressed air on the opposite side of the accumulated layer of filter scale, and choosing pulsating airflow is effective.

Guangdong hydraulic press manufacturer "Chengda hydraulic" brand: 3000 tons of steel wire winding servo hydraulic press