Hydraulic press big brand Guangdong hydraulic press manufacturers

Times: 2019-12-25

Hydraulic press big brand Guangdong hydraulic press manufacturers


Name: 200 tons four-column hydraulic press, four-column double-action hydraulic press, four-column stretching machine

Brand: Chengda Hydraulic

Model: YB32-200T four-column hydraulic press

Basic information

200T four-column double-action hydraulic press is a special hydraulic press made by Guangdong hydraulic press manufacturer "Chengda Hydraulic" for aluminum and stainless steel products manufacturers, which is especially suitable for aluminum sheet stretching, aluminum products pressing and forming and stainless steel products pressing and forming.


Structure of 200 ton four-column hydraulic press: It consists of upper beam, slider, working table, column, main cylinder, hydraulic power system and electrical system. The upper beam, slider and working table are welded with high quality steel plates, which are treated by vibration aging to eliminate internal stress.


1、The plunger of the lower cylinder adopts hard chromium-plated steel parts with wear-resistant ring structure to avoid the problem of plunger cracking.

2、The seal ring of the lower cylinder adopts imported combination ring, which can be used for more than fifteen years without replacement.

3、The column and piston rod are heat-treated by medium frequency, and the surface is plated with hard chrome.

4、The receding cylinder can be controlled separately by pointing.

5、The hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve, cartridge valve channel is large, large flow, fast speed, low noise, low heat generation. 6、The electrical control is changed to microcomputer type single chip, the advantage of this system is the safety control voltage of 24V, there is no intermediate relay, no contact inside, the whole computer chip has high stability, long service life and simple operation.

7、Large range of grating safety protection device.

8、The main cylinder and crimping cylinder have upper and lower limit protection, upper and lower limit range protection, upper and lower limit range position setting is simple, convenient and fast.

9、Safety protection device, automatic counting function. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, novel machine model.

Working principle

The basic principle is that the oil pump conveys the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge block, through each one-way and overflow hydraulic oil distribution to the upper or lower cavity of the cylinder, under the action of high pressure oil, so that the cylinder movement hydraulic machine is the use of liquid to transfer pressure equipment. Liquid in a sealed container to transfer pressure is to follow Pascal's law. The hydraulic transmission system of four column hydraulic press consists of power mechanism, control mechanism, actuator, auxiliary mechanism and medium. The power mechanism usually adopts the oil pump as the power mechanism, which is generally a cumulative oil pump. In order to meet the requirements of actuator movement speed, one oil pump or multiple oil pumps are used. Low pressure (oil pressure less than 2.5MP) with gear pumps medium pressure oil pressure (less than 6.3MP) with vane pumps high jade oil pressure less than (32.DMP) with piston pumps. Various plastic materials pressure processing and forming, such as stainless steel plate extrusion, bending, deep drawing and metal parts of the cold press molding can also be used for powder products, grinding wheels, rubber and wood, resin thermosetting products pressing.

Guangdong hydraulic press manufacturer "Chengda Hydraulic" brand: 200 tons four-column double-action hydraulic press, four-column stretching machine, four-column press.