2000 tons steel wire winding hydraulic press

Times: 2019-12-21

2000 tons steel wire winding hydraulic press


Name: 2000 tons of steel wire winding servo-hydraulic (oil) press

Brand: Chengda hydraulic

Model: YRK-2000BSE steel wire winding hydraulic press

Basic information

2000 tons of steel wire winding servo hydraulic press this series of products using steel wire winding, good rigidity, stable quality, mainly used for titanium plate, stainless steel plate and other large thin shell type plate forming press molding, can also be used for large coverings of the press molding. With counting display device, holding time setting device, etc., stable working performance, good holding performance, accurate time delay, high degree of automation, it is the more advanced pressing and forming equipment for heat exchanger plates and thin plates in China.


It is suitable for 2000 tons steel wire winding servo hydraulic press for hardware, gold ornaments, embossing, re-molding, clocks and watches, kitchenware pot making, especially for imitation die-casting aluminum pot extrusion thinning molding process, etc.


(1) Servo precise control system.

(2) Fast speed, slow conversion pressure conversion, high efficiency.

(3) high precision, fast start high pressure, stable.

(4) Long distance photoelectric protection device.

(5) hydraulic system using cartridge valve, cartridge valve channel, large flow, fast, low noise, low heat generation.

Failure and solution

The machine does not move when it first starts:

(1) the total power supply is not connected to check the external power supply, re-power.

(2) Control power is not connected, with the switch in the electrical cabinet.

(3) PLC damage replacement.

(4) Power cord and other equipment to reconnect independent power supply.