Foshan single column hydraulic press

Times: 2019-12-04

Foshan single column hydraulic press

Name: 100 tons single column hydraulic press, single column hydraulic press, vertical hydraulic press

Brand: Chengda Hydraulic

Model:Y41-100 single-column hydraulic press

Basic information

Y41 series single-column hydraulic press, the frame is welded with optimized structural design, mainly suitable for press-in molding, bending, riveting, assembly and printing work, easy to form an assembly line. The built-in hydraulic system is designed to save land area, energy-saving circuit design, fast downward movement, turning when approaching the workpiece, slow speed, high working efficiency, double button and photoelectric protection switch and safety protection functions, and auxiliary functions such as adding rewind and buffer cylinder on the working table.


The single column hydraulic press system is located in the machine body with beautiful appearance and convenient operation. It is mainly used for drawing, forming and pressing of metal products, as well as processing of non-metal materials, pressing of powdered metal products, correction of shaft parts, press-fitting of sleeve parts and shaping and trimming of metal products. The presses are equipped with independent hydraulic and electrical control systems, which are centrally controlled by pushbuttons, and can realize two kinds of molding processes, such as constant range and constant pressure, and have functions of pressure display, stroke and pressure adjustment. The oil pump inlet is equipped with a unique filtering device to ensure the service life of the oil pump and valve. The oil circuit is connected by imported high-pressure hose, which greatly reduces the noise of the machine.

Working medium

The working medium used in single column hydraulic press is not only to transmit the pressure, but also to ensure that the working parts of the machine are sensitive, reliable, long life and less leakage. The basic requirements of single column hydraulic working medium are: ① have straight fluidity and low compressibility to improve the efficiency of transmission; ② can prevent rust and corrosion; ③ have good lubrication performance; ④ easy to seal; ⑤ stable performance, long-term work and no deterioration.

Working principle

The single column hydraulic press has independent power mechanism and electrical system with centralized control by push button, which can realize adjustment, working pressure, pressing speed, no-load fast down and deceleration stroke and range, all can be adjusted according to the process needs, and can complete the ejecting process with ejecting process, stretching process three process modes, each process is fixed pressure, fixed range two process action for choice, fixed pressure forming process after pressing With ejector delay and automatic return. Single column hydraulic press has a wide range of versatility, applicable to a variety of plastic materials processing and forming, such as extrusion, bending, folding, stretching, etc. At the same time, hydraulic presses can also be used for a variety of hope material, powder products pressed into shape.

Chengda hydraulic brand: 100 tons single column hydraulic press, vertical hydraulic press