How to solve the problem of corrosion of four-column hydraulic press cooler

Times: 2019-11-22

How to solve the problem of corrosion of four-column hydraulic press cooler


Four-column hydraulic press installed cooler, plays a very important role in the machine, because the hydraulic press is often a long time intensive work, the body temperature is too high, and once the machine temperature is too high will cause a variety of failures, affecting the production of enterprises, in order to avoid such a situation people installed on the four-column hydraulic press cooler, cooler can be a four-column hydraulic press occurred in the high temperature compressed air cooling, in addition to compressed air in many Water. And in the long time use, found the phenomenon of cooler corrosion, what is the reason?

The main reason for corrosion is the material, environment (water quality, gas) and electrochemical reaction of the three major elements, the choice of corrosion-resistant materials, is an important measure to prevent corrosion. The current tubular oil cooling with good heat dissipation of copper tube production, its ionization tendency is stronger, will produce contact corrosion due to different heavy metal contact. In addition, the environment of the cooler contains dissolved oxygen, cooling water quality, temperature, flow rate and foreign objects.

Four-column hydraulic press cooler is corroded troubleshooting methods:

I. The following elimination methods should be used: Use cooling tubes made of corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum alloy and titanium alloy in four-column hydraulic presses. Using stamped aluminum sheets stacked together as heat transfer fins, this structure greatly increases the heat exchange area of the cooler and improves the production process.

Second, improve the cooling water quality. Should be set to stabilize the cooling water system water quality of effective water quality control devices, should be set up filters or decontaminants. When the general open cooling water system can not meet the water quality requirements of refrigeration equipment, it is appropriate to use closed cooling tower or set up an intermediate heat exchanger.

Third, the cooler corrosion will have a very negative impact on the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press, in order to avoid this situation, in addition to regularly check the working condition of the cooler, once the abnormality appears, it should be dealt with in a timely manner.