The difference between four-column hydraulic press and frame hydraulic press

Times: 2019-11-12

The difference between four-column hydraulic press and frame hydraulic press


Name: four-column hydraulic press, four-column hydraulic press

Brand: Chengda Hydraulic


Four-column hydraulic press body adopts three-beam and four-column structure: it consists of upper beam, slider, working table, column, main cylinder, hydraulic power system and electrical system and other components. The upper beam, slider and working table are welded with high quality steel plates, which are treated by vibration aging to eliminate internal stress.


1、The stroke of the cylinder of the same tonnage machine is increased, and the working table is increased.

2, no-load running speed is higher.

3, with fast stretching and general speed stretching two stretching speed.

4、The whole machine runs more smoothly and has more stable performance.

5、The plunger of the lower cylinder is made of hard chromium-plated steel parts with wear-resistant ring structure, which avoids the problem of plunger cracking.

6、The sealing ring of the lower cylinder adopts imported combination ring, which can be used for more than fifteen years without replacement.

7、The column and piston rod are heat-treated by medium frequency, and the surface is hard chromium plated.

8、The hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve, cartridge valve channel is large, large flow, fast, low noise, low heat generation.

9、The electrical control is changed to microcomputer type single chip, the advantage of this system is the safety control voltage of 24V, no intermediate relay and no contact inside, high stability of full computer chip, long service life and simple operation.

10、Large range of grating safety protection device.

Name: frame hydraulic press, frame hydraulic press

Brand: Chengda hydraulic


Frame hydraulic press is suitable for: hardware, gold ornaments, glasses, grinding wheels, electrical appliances, embossing, lamination, metal plates, watch straps (shell, bottom) plastic rubber and other industry products molding with. In addition, according to customer requirements, we can produce pressure-holding type and withdrawal device series hydraulic presses, which are suitable for heating, shaping and automatic demoulding of processed products in the industries of grinding wheel, case, metal plate, plastic and rubber, etc. We can also produce automatic vulcanizing presses with primary to secondary air release device.


The frame hydraulic press is "frame type" in appearance. It is a kind of machine that circulates hydraulic oil in the tank through the check valve to make the cylinder and piston do work so as to complete certain mechanical action as a kind of productivity.

The main structure of the frame hydraulic press: the host part includes the body, the main cylinder, the ejector cylinder and the liquid filling device. The power mechanism consists of oil tank, high pressure pump, low pressure control system, electric motor and various pressure valves and directional valves. Power mechanism under the control of electrical devices, through the pump and cylinder and a variety of hydraulic valves, control valves, control the flow of hydraulic oil, flow direction, pressure, hydraulic actuators, such as the working order and protection of the hydraulic circuit role.


1、The frame type frame has good overall rigidity, high compressive strength, pressure, stroke, pressure-holding, etc. can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pressing process.

2、 With different derivatives such as lower top material, upper item and upper and lower compound top material or shallow drawing depth, it is applicable to the needs of various pressing and forming processes.

3、 It takes only a few seconds to reach the rated pressure after closing the mold.

4、Adopt the under-mounted oil tank, easy to replace and clean the oil tank.

5、Stable quality and reliable performance in mass production.

6、The electrical control is changed to microcomputer type microcontroller, the advantages of this system are 24 V safety control voltage, no intermediate relay and no contact inside, full computer chip stability, long service life, simple operation and large range of grating safety protection device.