Foshan professional hydraulic press hydraulic press factory

Times: 2019-11-06

Foshan professional hydraulic press hydraulic press factory


Product information

Name: 1000 tons servo four column hydraulic press, high precision servo hydraulic press, high precision servo hydraulic press

Brand: Chengda Hydraulic

Model: YB31-1000SE

Product description

The role of servo-driven four-column hydraulic press is a lot, now there are more consumers for the servo-driven four-column hydraulic press is more recognition, and now the production technology is more mature. In addition, its pressure, speed programmable control, to meet the needs of various processes, but also to achieve remote automatic control, servo-driven control of the speed of the hydraulic press can be significantly increased.

YB31 series servo-driven four-column hydraulic press adopts three-beam and four-column structure with high parallelism between working tables, which is especially suitable for pressing products with high precision requirements. The operation and control selects cartridge valve integrated system, with reliable action, long service life, small hydraulic shock, and reduced connected pipeline and leakage point. Through the operation panel selection, can complete the process of fixed range, fixed pressure, and has the function of holding pressure delay. The operating pressure of the slider, the stroke scale of no-load downward and slow-speed operation can be adjusted according to the process requirements.

Comparison between conventional hydraulic press and servo drive:

(1) High repetition accuracy ±0.01mm.

(2) The new YB31-SE system servo energy-saving hydraulic press adopts advanced servo drive system and the company's many years of professional experience in hydraulic press industry, which saves energy up to 20~50% compared with transmission hydraulic press.

(3) Servo drive system to meet the requirements of speed and pressure change without process, and good smoothness of movement and lower noise.

(4) The production efficiency is greatly improved. The servo drive is adopted to effectively improve the running speed, and the production efficiency is improved by about 35% compared with the traditional motor CNC hydraulic presses.

(5) Lower oil temperature.

Servo hydraulic press precautions and solutions:

(1) The working oil is deteriorated by entering dirt. (2) Overheating. (3) Entering air. Solution: Cleaning and assembly of some main precision parts of the system are carried out in a clean room, which should have a clean floor and sealed doors and windows. Great attention should be paid to the storage and transfer of working oil. Leftover oil drums should be marked with special signs and covered well. If in winter, pay more attention to the barrel because of air condensation into water and mixed into the oil, do not rust the barrel skin rust piece into the barrel, to maintain the system diligently, often change the working hydraulic oil.

1000t ton servo four column hydraulic press