How to determine the hydraulic machine system failure

Times: 2019-09-27

How to determine the hydraulic machine system failure

First of all, we can listen to the hydraulic pump and hydraulic system work when the relief valve, sequence valve and other pressure control components whether there is a screeching sound, there is also the sound of impact, referring to the bench liquid cylinder reversing whether the impact is too large, whether the piston has hit the bottom of the cylinder sound, reversing valve reversing whether there is impact on the end cover phenomenon.

The second is by touching, touching the allowed moving parts with your hand to understand its working condition.

1, touch vibration, feel the vibration of the moving parts and pipeline by hand, if there is high frequency vibration should check the cause.

2、Touch crawl, when the table in the light load and low-speed movement, feel by hand whether there is crawl phenomenon.

3, touch the stopper, micro switch and fastening screws and other tightness by hand.

Generally there will be different and feeling and variability, experienced technicians will eventually solve the problem after repeated practice.

If the prevention of hydraulic press failure problems.

1, control hydraulic machine oil pollution to strengthen equipment maintenance, regular testing of hydraulic oil. Oil change money, to carefully clean the hydraulic system, many deep hole boring hydraulic system between overhaul, the system has not changed the oil, which is also an accident potential.

2, heat and hydraulic shock control in the overhaul found in the deep hole boring part of the seal is seriously aging, which is mainly due to system heating, hydraulic oil oil temperature rise, you can make the reversing valve stop in the middle position after clamping the cylinder, the pump station stop pump, both power saving, but also the oil temperature in the pump station can be quickly cooled to normal temperature.

The correct operation of the system is particularly important due to the number of shocks to the system caused by stopping the pump and changing the clamped workpiece. Can not be when the clamping system a failure, not to identify the cause, and quickly switch the direction of the reversing valve, the result can only be to make the system oscillation after stagnation, the reason is that the hydraulic machine shock so that the relief valve can not respond, it will make the system to produce shock action. Repeated shocks, due to higher pressure and system heating so that the seal is damaged, leakage increases, so the clamp is not tight. The correct method is to clamp the cylinder before the pump station air station several times to observe the system has no abnormalities, and then slowly manipulate the reversing valve to start clamping, which will extend the life of the system.




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