Hydraulic machine noise problem solving

Times: 2019-06-29

There are many sources of vibration and noise in the hydraulic system, roughly hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, cylinder piping and machinery, etc.

First, the phenomenon of air absorption is the main reason for the high noise of the hydraulic pump. When the fluid mixed with air, easy to form cavitation phenomenon in its high-pressure area, and in the form of pressure wave propagation, resulting in fluid shock, resulting in system cavitation noise.

Second, the hydraulic pump gears, vane and plunger in the suction, in the process of pressure oil so that the corresponding work produces periodic changes in flow and pressure, which in turn causes the pump flow and pressure pulsation, resulting in vibration of the components of the hydraulic pump, and the vibration of the components caused by the air in contact with them to produce sparse changes in vibration, which in turn produces noise sound pressure spread out.

Third, too many dead bends in the pipeline or fixed clips loose noise, and the sudden change in the cross-sectional area of the pipeline will cause changes in the fluid flow, easy to produce noise.

Fourth, the noise of the mechanical system is mainly caused by the mechanical drive system of the hydraulic pump, the unbalance of the rotary body in practice, the motor mostly through the coupling drive hydraulic pump work, to make these rotary body to achieve complete dynamic balance is very difficult, such as balancing force is too large, it will produce a large bending of the shaft in the rotary to produce noise.


First, improve the machining and assembly accuracy to reduce mechanical vibration and friction noise; high pressure, high speed airflow to reduce the differential pressure and flow rate, or change the shape of the airflow nozzle.

Second, personal protection for workers, such as wearing ear plugs, ear muffs helmets and other anti-noise products.

Third, the pump's suction pipe joint seal should be tight to prevent air intake.

Fourth, to prevent the hydraulic valve cavitation phenomenon, mainly to make the pump suction resistance as small as possible. Common measures include the use of larger diameter suction pipe, large capacity suction filter, while avoiding blockage, the pump suction height should be as small as possible.

Fifth, the pressure pulsation in the pipeline is the main cause of vibration and noise in the system. In the hydraulic circuit set accumulator, can effectively absorb vibration, and in the occurrence of vibration near the site set vibration damper also effectively reduce system vibration.

Six, for the main vibration in the hydraulic system (pump, motor), often using the addition of rubber pads or springs and other measures, so that it is isolated from the floor can also be used to install the source of vibration in the floor and the whole system isolation approach, these have played a good effect of vibration and noise reduction.

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